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Astro Secrets and Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-V) - Retrograde Planet

Astro Secrets and Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-V) - Retrograde Planet
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Astro Secrets and Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part-V) - Retrograde Planet



1. Lord Ganesh

2. Stellar Astrology - Utility of ruling planets in timing of events

3. Simplicity of the stellar system of prognostication

4 Borrowing

5. A lesson from Retrograde planets: Re-selling a car

6. Retrograde & Transfer 7. The truth of the Theory of KP

8. Exalted Jupiter Offers Accidents 9. How the Ruling Planets work?

10. Directional Method of Timing of Events

11. Significance of Ruling planets in K.P. System in getting a Job

12. Educational aspect of K.P.

13. When will I get a Job? K.P. Answers 14. Employment Prospects and Promotions

15. How long separation? 16, Sub-Lord speaks

17. Sex And Time of Child 18. Horary Astrology - Major

19 Horary Astrology

20. Ruling Planets Reveal (Timing of Minor Events)

21. Time of Marriage

22. Saturn offers sale of Vehicle

23. Appointment - When?

24. Courage And confidence or cowardice and confusion

25. R.P & K.P 

26. Restoration of Current When? Through RP.

27 Is progeny Promised?

28 Promotion And Retrograde Planets

29. Retrograde Saturn And Setback in service

30. Retrograde Sat and his Main Dasa

31. Retrograde Planets Vis-A-vis Minor Events

32. Retrogression - An Enigma

33. Role of Retrograde Jupiter & Horoscope 34 "You have failed in Prediction" says a politician

35. Significance of Retrograde Planets

36. When my daughter will arrive?

37. Retrograde Sub-Lord of Ascendant and Last Journey

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