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Parashar Hora (One Hundred Chapters) - Set of 2 Volumes (English)

Parashar Hora (One Hundred Chapters) - Set of 2 Volumes (English)
Parashar Hora (One Hundred Chapters) - Set of 2 Volumes (English)
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Parashar Hora (One Hundred Chapters) - Set of 2 Volumes (English)
Parashar Hora (One Hundred Chapters) - Set of 2 Volumes (English)

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Parashar Hora (One Hundred Chapters) - Set of 2 Volumes (English)

(With over 20 additional chapters as per the original manuscript and culled out from various manuscripts/resources and unavailable in current texts wrongly named as BPHS) 

The special focus of this book is to make the ardent readers aware of the salient features of this Vedic text on astrology and how it is distinct from the other transcripts on the subject, available thus far. Great concerted efforts were made to collect, collate and combine all the available manuscripts and other related published material contributed by the eminent contemporary writers and commentators, and then the sequence of subject matters is aligned to make it comprehensible and authentic. The name of this holistic text is also as per the ancient statement and record, namely ‘Parasara Hora’. This book adduces certain critical and important features which were never attempted before. This book in one hundred chapters falls in line with the description or narration: “होरा शताध्यायी सर्व पाप विनाशिनी verse as appeared in the Uttara Khanda of the text collated by Shridhar. Amongst the other contemporary writers of such treatise, Sitaram Jha, Devchandra Jha, and Tarachand Shastri to name a few, have formatted this text covering between 71 and 101 chapters, but in most of the cases 20 odd chapters were not from ‘Hora Shastra’. These details are available in the introductory note: ‘The specialties of this book’. This note also minutely explains the deletion of inapt Shlokas, the addition of relevant Shlokas, and also some Shlokas have been rearranged purposefully so are the chapters. Besides, the treatment of some of the subjects is so unique that will fill the void for the readers to experience. These 20 odd supplementary researched chapters culled out of the published and manuscript materials are unavailable in any text of the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra (BPHS) of the present time. Trust with this value addition, the esteem readers will get immensely benefited.

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  • Author: Om Prakash Paliwal & Uma Shankar Paliwal
  • SKU: DCI-00078
  • ISBN: 978-819492287
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