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Sunderkand (Hindi, Gita Press Gorakhpur)

Sunderkand  (Hindi, Gita Press Gorakhpur)

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Sunderkand (Hindi, Gita Press Gorakhpur)

Sunder Kand in Hindi by Gita Press Gorakhpur code no 1349 pack of 1 is the fifth chapter in the Hindu epic the Ram Charit Manas, composed by Goswami Tulsidas. It depicts the adventures of the Hanuman. The original Sundara Kanda is in Sanskrit and was composed by Valmiki, who was the first to scripturally record the Ramayana. Sundara Kanda is the only chapter of the Ramayana in which the hero is not Rama, but rather Hanuman. Hanuman's selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama are emphasized in the text. Hanuman was fondly called Sundar by his mother Anjani and Sage Valmiki chose this name over others as this kand deals mainly with Hanuman's journey to Lanka

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