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Vaastu Shastra for everyone | English | Dr. Ravi Rao |

Vaastu Shastra for everyone | English | Dr. Ravi Rao |
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Vaastu Shastra for everyone | English | Dr. Ravi Rao |

About the Book:-  Vaastu Shastra For Everyone is a guide that helps you understand the basic principles of Vaastu and then apply these in your daily lives. It helps you navigate your specific set of circumstances, inviting Vaastu energy into your spaces. The book shares the origins of Vaastu and the basis of the science and takes you through the critical principles that impact your living spaces and the people functioning within, as well as the individual outcomes based on how your spaces are arranged.

It discusses the principles that impact open and closed spaces, plots, their shapes and boundaries, and how to arrange the different spaces, building materials, water bodies and terrains. Whether you are about to purchase a property or are already living in one, you can adapt the principles you learn in this book to bring about positive and healthy outcomes in your life. The book will enable you to live in a holistic space, creating, enhancing, and sustaining positive outcomes. If you are facing any issues in your life, the book will also help you pinpoint the causes based on the arrangement of the spaces you occupy. Using these principles, you can have Vaastu energy strengthening your life and those of your family and friends too.

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